The fun and interactive good-habits app designed especially for kids!

For iPhone and iPad   ·   From the creators of the award-winning app Streaks

Weʼve designed Little Streaks to work with the way kids think and learn.

Little Streaks empowers children to cultivate positive habits through engaging routines.

Rather than focusing on establishing a large number of consecutive days completing tasks, Little Streaks encourages building habits through completing routines made up of smaller tasks.

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In Little Streaks, tasks are grouped into routines...

You can use preset routines or create your own.

Routines can be set to suit your child's age and abilities. A toddler might have a Bed Time routine or Toilet Training, while an older child might focus on Morning, Home Chores or After School.

Your choice!

Tasks are the core of Little Streaks - the habits your children develop.

A Bedtime routine might have tasks such as Pyjamas, Brush Teeth and Bedtime Story; while an After School routine might have Unpack Bag, Read 30 mins, Homework, Piano Practice.

You can customize icons, color schemes, sound effects and more - whatever appeals to your child.

  • Create and track routines of up to six tasks.
  • Customize task icons, colors and sound effects to help engage young users.
  • Parental supervision helps keep habits on track.
  • Help your child develop healthy habits and routines in a fun and engaging way.

The free version of Little Streaks helps with one child and one routine of six tasks. Upgrade in-app to use as many routines and tasks as you need.

Try Little Streaks Family and get all of your children on track!

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